Case Study

NurseGrid Helps Reduce Scheduling Inefficiencies

Learn how NurseGrid uses PubNub to power real-time scheduling updates, helping to reduce inefficiencies in nurse scheduling.
NurseGrid Helps Reduce Scheduling Inefficiencies

NurseGrid, an app for nurses to manage and share their schedules, is dedicated to improving the work-life balance of nurses by reducing inefficiencies in scheduling.

In this case study, learn how NurseGrid:

  • Pushes out alerts in real time, like schedule changes or open shifts.

  • Decreases development time, so their team can prioritize building features that make the end user experience better for nurses.

  • Speeds up workplace scheduling with real-time notifications.

Read the full case study to see how PubNub helps power essential in-app experiences for telemedicine and beyond.

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