Case Study

Case Study: Veeps Transforms How Artists Connect With Fans

Learn how Veeps uses PubNub to scale their real-time chat during live-streamed concerts.
Case Study: Veeps Transforms How Artists Connect With Fans

"When audience members see chat happening live, they can feel the energy of the event and feel like they’re really part of something.” Kyle Heller, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Veeps/LiveNation

Veeps, a live-streaming concert platform, gives artists the freedom to interact directly with their audience and create an engaging, one-of-a-kind experience for their fans.

In this case study, learn how Veeps:

  • Delivers billions of messages without having to worry about latency issues. 

  • Can build without currency limits, which has allowed their dev team to focus on their core product offering.  

  • Has the flexibility to create custom solutions that operate reliably and in real time to prevent possible outages during live events.

Read the full case study to see how PubNub helps power engaging in-app experiences for virtual events and beyond.

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