Case Study

Case Study: Hearo Helps Remote Patients Live Independently

Learn how remote patient monitoring company, Hearo, leverages PubNub to support data capture and communication in their product to allow them to easily push features, scale quickly, and expand their platform's functionality.
Case Study: Hearo Helps Remote Patients Live Independently

Hearo, a remote patient monitoring company, empowers caregivers to help patients live more independently and control their own health and wellness. 

In this case study, learn how Hearo:

  • Can quickly and easily roll out crucial features based on their needs and their clients’ needs without capability roadblocks—which has saved them 80+ hours in development time.

  • Relies on PubNub to signal and connect every part of their IoT telehealth platform through real-time monitoring, alerts, and more to provide the best possible remote care. 

  • Finally has the flexibility and tools to scale and build their product the way they want to compared to their previous in-house solution. 

Read the full case study to see how PubNub helps power essential in-app experiences for telemedicine and beyond. 

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