Reducing Supply Chain Disruption with PubNub: A Guide

4 min read Jakub Koj on Apr 19, 2024
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How to set up geo-location tracking with PubNub 

PubNub is a universal tool for real-time communication that is used to send information between users, sensors, and services. One of our frequently tested scenarios is geo-location tracking, which includes various automation capabilities. We have already prepared several materials on how to start and build a geo-location tracking app powered by PubNub: 

Demos using PubNub Capabilities without any coding: 

  • Delivery demo - LINK

  • Real-time Geolocation demo - LINK 

  • IoT Device Dashboard demo - LINK

Tutorial for building a geolocation tracking using our JavaScript SDK - LINK

Geolocation developer path - LINK

Dynamic dispatch with PubNub 

Let’s say you already have geo-location tracking built in with PubNub.You’re sending your devices/sensors and services real-time geo-location data using one of our many SDKs according to the tutorials shared above, and you’re ready to introduce dynamic dispatch to your supply chain monitoring tool. What tools does PubNub offer that can enable your use case? 

Functions is a serverless solution for developers that lives at the edge of our network. It allows real-time data processing and event-driven actions within PubNub's network. It enables: 

  • on-the-fly message transformation like re-routing a delivery 

  • third-party API integration such as geolocation service or stock management software

  • custom business logic execution

It’s ideal for applications needing immediate data handling at the edge of their network—like real-time interaction apps or IoT device control—without the overhead of managing infrastructure on customers. 

Using PubNub Functions for dynamic dispatch allows real-time logistics and delivery operations optimization. Functions can trigger based on data from the driver, recalculating routes, adjusting driver priorities, adding additional stops, and enabling instantaneous decision-making by integrating with third-party services like weather or traffic tracking. Integrating PubNub functions helps ensure that the dispatch system is efficient and adaptable to challenges in real-time. 

Automated Alerts and Notifications:

Events & Actions is PubNub’s default tool for exporting data for asynchronous use cases. It’s a no-code tool that is easy to set up, even for non-developers. To set up Events & Actions, follow the steps outlined in this blog post

(By the way, feel free to suggest an integration if we’re missing it via our support.)

Events & Actions can be a powerful ally when implementing automated alerts and notifications. By setting up needed event listeners (such as a message of decreased inventory below a certain threshold) third-party software can trigger an alert for relevant stakeholders initiating the restocking process. It integrates seamlessly with Apache SQS or Kafka for programmatic scenarios but also has integration with IFTTT that, without any knowledge of tech, allows users to create a text, email, or push notification. 

Insights provide the most important turnkey metrics and alerts for software based on the PubNub network, like most popular channels, most active users and their location, and basic user behavior metrics. This can easily be translated to your business logic for applications like checking the most popular routes/locations. Insights can be handy when building for predictive maintenance that can involve transportation gear, vehicles, and assembly lines. For more information, check out our guide to using Insights for Industry 4.0 predictive maintenance.

Case Studies:

Many companies have already harnessed the power of PubNub to build and fortify their supply chain. Here are some of their success stories. 

BusWhere: Making School Buses Smarter

BusWhere took on the headache of hard-to-predict school bus schedules by implementing a simple solution using PubNub. By creating a GPS-based tracking app, they made parents' lives a bit easier. Real-time locations of school buses are streamed directly to their mobile app, not only addressing the logistical anxieties of school transportation but also reducing the hassle of implementing a notification system for delays or changes. Thanks to PubNub, being a cloud-native and scalable service allows BusWhere to expand with ease to other geographic locations. 

Tenna: Enhancing Construction Fleet Management with Real-Time Data 

Tenna’s collaboration with PubNub raised the real-time visibility of their customers’ construction fleets to another level. With real-time tracking, companies can closely monitor their gear and assets, ensuring they minimize idle time. The obvious result is cost reduction, which also affects companies' operational efficiency. By using PubNub SDKs, Tenna has been able to accelerate its development time. Their success in providing real-time updates and dynamic dispatch solutions with minimal downtime is built on a solid foundation of PubNub’s reliable edge messaging network


PubNub is a powerful software solution for reducing supply chain disruptions. It’s providing developers with tools to analyze the risk, and behavior of their network with PubNub Insights, export data for storage, analytics, and auditing with Events & Action, execute custom business logic, and leveraging 3rd party APIs with Functions.

By harnessing the power of all of them, customers can build an architecture that can withstand various supply chain disruptions. 

For developers looking to enhance supply chain management with real-time solutions, PubNub offers the tools and guidance necessary to navigate disruptions effectively. Explore more about PubNub's capabilities and start building more resilient supply chain solutions today by visiting and signing up for a free account and start building with PubNub today.