Events & Actions

Capture and react to critical events

PubNub’s Events & Actions (E&A) enables you to capture critical real-time events generated by users interacting on the PubNub platform (e.g. chat messages) and route them to third-party systems for storage, processing, data analysis, and more.

Easily capture important real-time data

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Stream important events outside of PubNub

Events & Actions sifts through millions of events in real time and sends the relevant ones to your server or 3rd party services like Kafka, S3, SQS, and more.

Intuitive UI

Save dev time using ready-made integrations

Intuitive user interface that allows you to easily create integrations regardless of technical aptitude using a low-code/no-code approach.


Utilize enterprise-grade scalability

Events & Actions is built to handle the volume of large-scale applications so you can reliably and cost-effectively filter events and trigger actions even when traffic spikes occur.

Example use cases

App event tracking: Centralized storage for IoT sensor data


  • Archiving important real-time data (chat messages, auction bids, geo coordinates)

  • Centralized storage for IoT sensor data

  • Logging errors generated by users and devices

  • Storing the last known location of users before they disconnect


  • Routing important chat messages

  • Sending critical events to a backend system for processing (auction “wins”)

  • Gather data from client devices (e.g. number of steps) and store it in an external time-series database that populates a leaderboard

  • Push notifications for users when a smart sensor data is out of specified range (anomaly detection)

Analyzing chat messages for app event tracking
Analyzing chat messages for app event tracking

Data analysis

  • Sentiment analysis on chat messages

  • Using chat messages to train an AI chatbot

  • Reviewing of geolocation coordinates to ensure routing algorithm is operating correctly

What makes E&A unique?

Powerful event filtering for app event tracking

Powerful event filtering

Events & Actions offers an Advanced JSONPath filter that allows customers to inspect event payload and intercept only the events that are important to them.

Growing number of events

Messages, Presence events, Mobile Push events, App Context events (coming soon), and Message Actions events (coming soon).

Growing catalog of actions

Webhooks, Amazon SQS, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon S3, Kafka, AMQP, IFTTT, and more coming soon!

Getting started with Events & Actions

Login to test PubNub's app event tracking
Activate Now

Log into the PubNub Admin Portal and select Events & Actions from the left navigation bar to learn more about how to activate E&A.

Learn best practices for app event tracking in documentation.

Check out our documentation to learn best practices around how to implement and use Event & Actions.

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