This demo is best experienced on a larger device.

Geolocation Demo

Geolocation connects users around the world empowering them to share information and experiences in real-time from any device.

About this demo

This geolocation tracking demo allows users to share locations and engage with each other in real-time from any device.

Managing the locations of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of users, devices, and vehicles presents a significant amount of challenges around collecting and presenting location information. This demo shows how PubNub can be used to do all of the heavy lifting for a geolocation tracking app.

This demo is completely powered by PubNub and has no user limits. For more geolocation use cases and strategies, such as geofencing, our solution architect and support teams can help.


  • Presence counter

  • Draw movement of users

  • Create a private session

  • Share and invite other users

  • Send messages

  • Responsive UI