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A Developer's Guide: Building Location-Based Applications with PubNub



A Geolocation API is a communication interface between a client device or application (client-side), and an application or service (server-side) that identifies and returns information about the client’s geographical position.

A ridesharing company matches drivers of vehicles for hire with passengers using mobile or web-based applications.

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PubNub Geolocation Live Demos

Learn how to create a real-time geolocation tracking application in JavaScript.

Interact with a delivery application allowing real-time updates on vehicle location, communication between customers and drivers, and up to date notifications.

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Customer Use Cases

Mothership uses PubNub to power real-time shipment status updates for assets in their freight platform.

Tenna uses PubNub to power real-time asset location tracking, allowing customers to improve performance and efficiency.


How to build a proximity chat application with geohashing. This allows you to connect users in a chat room based on their geolocation. Includes full code, tutorial and demo.

How-To Guides

This how-to will explain real-time geolocation services for developers, what to consider while building geolocation features, and how PubNub can make it easy to stream and use real-time location data.

Learn how to build a delivery service application with real-time updates on vehicle location, delivery time, and delivery status.


In this tutorial you’ll discover how to build a geolocation tracking app that allows users to share locations and send messages in real-time.

With this step-by-step walkthrough learn how to provide real-time updates on vehicle location, driver performance, and customer satisfaction.

PubNub Use Cases

Real-time GPS fleet tracking and service event monitoring for dispatch, provisioning, and predictive maintenance.

Docs / Tools

Pick an SDK to get started building chat and more with PubNub.


Get started: Use APIs to track the cars in your fleet, monitor your drivers' deliveries, place orders, and schedule preventative maintenance.

GitHub Links

Source code for the Real-time geolocation tracking application that allows users to share locations and engage with each other in real-time from any device.

Source code for the real-time delivery application that allows users to have real-time updates on vehicle location, bidirectional communication, and notifications.

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