Tenna Powers Real-Time Visibility for Construction Companies

Tenna uses PubNub to power real-time asset location tracking, allowing customers to improve performance and efficiency.

With PubNub, Tenna:

  • Can quickly and easily implement new features since replacing their in-house solution with PubNub. 

  • Can confidently power all of their real-time data at scale to support unlimited growth.  

  • Improves customer satisfaction by increasing visibility into asset tracking.

Tenna Powers Real-Time Visibility for Construction Companies

“The fact that we get this powerful infrastructure with PubNub that’s easy to maintain with all the real-time data we want is great.”

-Luke Douglas, Chief Technology Officer at Tenna

Meet Tenna

Based in Edison, NJ, Tenna is a construction technology platform that specializes in equipment fleet operations. Their innovative app is designed to bridge the gap between on-site projects, equipment facilities, and office operations by providing construction companies with a solution to manage and track assets and fleets in the field using real-time data.

Offering a centralized platform for owning, operating, and maintaining construction fleet management, Tenna gives customers full visibility into everything from the condition of heavy equipment to all of their vehicle locations. Rather than relying on traditional paper logs, their platform gives construction companies a simplified way to control asset tracking and fleet management through real-time geolocation data. This results in customers making more informed decisions about equipment allocation that help to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Because real-time geolocation tracking is so essential to their platform, Tenna wanted to partner with a reliable solution to power this crucial backbone of their app: so they turned to PubNub. 

Developing geolocation features with built-in reliability and scale 

Before partnering with PubNub, Tenna initially attempted to build an in-house system, but they ultimately discovered that they needed a solution that could provide real-time geolocation data to their customers.

Tenna began looking for a real-time data solution that would be able to easily integrate into their existing tech stack. “We were looking for a reliable solution that could grow and scale with us as we continue to expand,” said Luke Douglas, Chief Technology Officer at Tenna. “A solution with turnkey high performance and high throughput that could keep up with our aggressive growth plans.” 

In search of a reliable geolocation provider that would be able to meet their real-time needs, Douglas discovered that one of his engineers had used PubNub successfully at a previous company and highly recommended PubNub as a solution. Shortly after, Tenna was able to easily and quickly implement real-time geolocation tracking with PubNub’s SDKs.

Now that Tenna has real-time location tracking in place, Douglas and his team can use this data to effortlessly develop and power features that are crucial for their users. This ability to roll out a variety of new, reliable, and scalable features wouldn't have been possible without a reliable backend solution. 

Douglas credits his team’s ease of development to PubNub’s easy coding and SDKs. Plus, his team can always build confidently, because they don’t need to worry about connectivity issues or outages with PubNub handling their real-time tracking. “That certainty and ease in building is something that wouldn't have been possible with a homegrown solution,” said Douglas. “With PubNub, our team is able to spin up a solution quickly, saving a significant amount of dev time.”

Reducing operational costs and increasing customer satisfaction with real-time asset visibility 

Since implementing PubNub, Tenna is able to offer their customers increased visibility into asset tracking. Their platform's real-time geolocation maps show the location and details of assets from anywhere. This gives users the ability to monitor important details, like the location of fleet vehicles and smaller assets like tools, materials, and inventory remotely, without ever needing to step onto the construction site. 

“Our customers love being able to look and see the assets moving, what's running on the job site, and what's idling,” said Douglas. “The fact that we get this powerful infrastructure with PubNub that’s easy to maintain with all the real-time data we want is great.”

Now with PubNub, Tenna’s customers are able to see where an asset or vehicle is located on a map and actually watch it move in real time, which makes it easy to track when something is moving when it shouldn’t be, or vice versa. This data is crucial in helping customers identify when vehicles or equipment are idling and to potentially prevent theft—like if a backhoe is leaving a job site when it shouldn’t, real-time geolocation data makes it easy to retrieve that asset. Plus, customers can gain all these insights without ever needing to send personnel to a site. 

Having this real-time mapping and knowing where assets are at all times allows Tenna’s customers to gain essential insights into their fleet and quickly make more informed decisions—which ultimately reduces asset delays and curbs overall operational costs and improves overall customer satisfaction.

“PubNub has really helped solve our challenge around real-time visibility,” said Douglas. “In terms of customer satisfaction and interest, PubNub has helped improve that—our customers love the real-time mapping and features.” 

Leveraging live location tracking to improve efficiency and reduce downtime

In addition to saving costs and improving satisfaction, with Tenna’s real-time location tracking powered by PubNub, customers have also been able to improve efficiency in their dispatch facilities. 

Because dispatchers have a real-time picture of where equipment and vehicles are, this makes allocating, dispatching, and scheduling resources much easier for Tenna’s customers. Their customers can easily stream location data to see if assets are being underutilized and move them to new sites and rotate equipment to different jobs to help speed up construction. Not only does this help to reduce downtime and improve scheduling efficiency, it can also help keep jobs on-time or under schedule so construction companies can fulfill their contracts and avoid penalties. 

“All of our real-time data is powered by PubNub,” said Douglas. “The value that these real-time geolocation maps provide to our customers is essential for improving performance.” These benefits wouldn’t be possible if Tenna did not have PubNub’s real-time geolocation tracking to power the features in their platform.

Powering a reliable solution that exceeds customer expectations as Tenna grows

As Tenna continues to scale their platform to support more users, Douglas is confident that PubNub’s scalable real-time infrastructure can provide them with the flexibility they need as they evolve into new use cases for their customers. 

“It’s exciting that we're not going to have to go shopping for another solution in order to meet a new requirement that we didn't think of six months ago,” said Douglas. “I'm confident that whatever new features we come up with and develop around real-time data, we'll be able to do it with PubNub.”

With PubNub, Tenna has found a partner that is able to easily scale and reliably power their in-platform geolocation tracking to ensure their customers can reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and minimize downtime.

If you would like to learn how PubNub can help you power a reliable and scalable solution with real-time location tracking—get in touch with our team of experts.