Chat SDK

Take your custom chat app to market quickly

Our Chat SDK provides several out-of-the-box chat features, like read receipts, @mentions, and unread message counts, that can be easily integrated with your own UI.

Quickly build custom chat experiences

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Reliable chat backend

Spend time building competitive features while we take care of the underlying real-time infrastructure, regardless of scale.

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Quick time to market

Reduce dev time for chat with out-of-the-box features like unread message counts, read receipts, @mentions, and much more.

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Infinite customization

Have freedom to create unique chat experiences with either your own UI or any pre-built chat UI available on the market.

Example use cases

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Chat SDK gives you freedom to create unique chat experiences with your own UI:

  • 1:1 chat (e.g., doctor-patient chat, support chat, rider-driver chat)

  • Group chat (e.g., team collaboration chat, multiplayer game chat)

  • Public chat (e.g., live stream chat, live Q&A chat)

Feature Overview

Conversation Management

Create direct 1:1 conversations or larger group chats, inviting others to join or leave as needed.

Manage Users

Detect users’ online status, mention them in conversations, and moderate their content.

Basic Messaging

Send and receive messages, emojis, links, and files to any number of recipients.  

Advanced Messaging

Forward, Quote, or Pin messages. The SDK also supports read receipts, unread message counts, and a typing indicator.

Mobile App Support

Easy integration with Android (FCM) and iOS (APNS) push messaging without worrying about platform-specific implementation.

UI Tools

Manage users, channels, and channel memberships through an intuitive, no-code user interface with BizOps Workspace.

Text Moderation

Use BizOps Workspace to edit and delete messages, mute and ban suspicious users, and write moderator messages.

Context Information

Store information about your application’s users, channels, and memberships with App Context.

Getting started with Chat SDK

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Try our APIs for free up to 1M messages per month or 200 MAUs. No credit card required.

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Visit Docs

Check out our documentation to learn best practices for implementing and using the Chat SDK.

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