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PubNub for Real-Time Visibility

Everything to build & manage real-time visibility for your supply chain & logistics solutions
PubNub for Real-Time Visibility

Real-time functionality in applications streamlines supply chain and logistics operations by enabling quick, data-informed decision-making and enhancing stakeholder coordination, crucial for effective workflows and operational agility.

With PubNub, companies quickly gain the real-time visibility and agility necessary to keep global supply chains efficient, including fleet tracking, asset and temperature monitoring, cargo/load capacity utilization, and dynamic routing and dispatching.

  • Scalability and Real-Time Data: Efficiently stream key data, including location, dispatch details, and sensor information, via our global pub/sub network, meeting dynamic market and operational needs.

  • Real-Time Visibility: Gain instant global visibility of device and user statuses with Presence, allowing for immediate updates that enhance operational awareness and efficiency in logistics and supply chains.

  • Digital Twin Creation: With AppContext, easily create digital twins of operations to gain insights for better decision-making and strategic planning by simulating physical operations virtually.

  • Efficient Message Management: Functions enables on-the-fly message filtering, transformation, and routing, embedding business logic for accurate information processing, boosting logistics performance and agility.

  • Guaranteed Notifications: Mobile Push Notifications and in-app messaging deliver critical updates reliably, ensuring stakeholders are promptly informed for quick decision-making, even when devices are idle.

  • Easy Data Sharing: Access Manager allows for simple data stream sharing with partners, improving collaboration and streamlining supply chain management.

  • Instant Communication: Our platform's chat features facilitate fast information sharing with all stakeholders, promoting effective communication and decision-making.