Latest Feature Releases

Introducing PubNub's Presence Management


Now you can explore new Presence rules in PubNub's admin portal. Within Presence Management you can track specific Presence events such as: Join, Leave, TimeOut, State-Change, and Intervals. You can add Channel Patterns or Channel Groups, specify the events to track for each group, create as many rules as you need, and assign priorities to each rule. All the rules created within Presence Management are in real time. To learn more visit our docs.

Webhooks are now part of Events & Actions


We've enhanced our platform by integrating presence, push, and history webhooks into Events & Actions (E&A). These substantial improvements streamline the setup and maintenance of webhooks, providing even more flexibility for system interaction. Now, you can send events not only to webhooks but also to services like S3, SQS, Kinesis, and more. You can also modify webhook URLs, set retry intervals, configure headers, and assign multiple webhooks to a single event. Activate E&A

Introducing PubNub Kafka Bridge


Seamlessly bridge events from your Kafka deployment in and out of PubNub using our new Sink Connector and Kafka Action. The ready-made Kafka Sink Connector integrates directly with your Kafka deployment, enabling real-time event distribution from Kafka to edge devices, including web browsers, mobile apps, and IoT devices. The fully managed Kafka Action, accessible within our Events & Actions service, facilitates streaming events from edge devices back into Kafka, offering optional filtering, aggregation, and other pre-processing capabilities needed “at the edge”. Learn more

Message-Level Encryption Updates


Following an alert from Snyk about a potential medium-severity vulnerability in our SDKs' message-level encryption feature, our team moved quickly to proactively remedy the issue before any customers were negatively impacted by creating a solid solution that includes a new algorithm with sophisticated 256-bit encryption. We've also made our end-to-end encryption modular. Aside from increased security, our customers now have the option to bring their own encryption (BYOE) or opt out of this feature making their SDK lighter. PubNub is dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of security and continuously working to safeguard your data. Learn more

Chat SDK Generally Available


With PubNub's new Chat SDK you can quickly add chat features to your Javascript application using simplified methods that handle the complexities of implementation. It allows you to easily add features like unread message counts, read receipts, @mentions, and much more, while giving you the freedom to create custom chat experiences with your own UI. Our Chat SDK is compatible with all front-end Javascript frameworks including React, React Native, Angular, and Vue.js, allowing it to be used on both web and mobile. Visit the documentation to learn more.