Latest Feature Releases

Chat SDK Generally Available


With PubNub's new Chat SDK you can quickly add chat features to your Javascript application using simplified methods that handle the complexities of implementation. It allows you to easily add features like unread message counts, read receipts, @mentions, and much more, while giving you the freedom to create custom chat experiences with your own UI. Our Chat SDK is compatible with all front-end Javascript frameworks including React, React Native, Angular, and Vue.js, allowing it to be used on both web and mobile. Visit the documentation to learn more.

Rust SDK Generally Available


Rust is a modern programming language that combines the performance and control of low-level languages with the safety and simplicity of high-level languages. PubNub's new Rust SDK enables you to quickly add real-time interactivity to your Rust application without worrying about the complexities of a real-time infrastructure. It offers a modern SDK architecture developed based on specialized knowledge and years of experience of our engineers, making it an excellent choice for real-time applications where performance and safety are critical. This release contains Publish, Access Management, Subscribe, and Presence capabilities, allowing you to implement most real-time use cases. Learn more

Unity SDK v7 Generally Available


PubNub's new Unity SDK offers the full functionality of the PubNub platform for the Unity game engine. It enables you to quickly integrate real-time interactivity into your mobile, PC, or console games without having to worry about the complexities of a real-time infrastructure. This way, you can easily build features like game lobbies, multiplayer chat, in-game alerts, live leaderboards, push notifications, and more, regardless of scale. Compared to what is currently offered, it is a significant improvement that includes a streamlined setup, a variety of new Unity-specific functionality, better integration with development and debugging tools, and native Unity development experience. Learn more

New Product Release: PubNub Insights


PubNub Insights provides a simple and user-friendly dashboard to increase visibility and efficiency around monitoring your PubNub data. With PubNub Insights, you can easily see where your users are (down to city level) and drill down into the most active users and channels. This gives you a practical way to analyze how your app is being used, identify issues, and plan for the future without having to spend additional time and resources. Test it out by logging in to the PubNub Admin Portal

Events & Actions is Now Generally Available


Events & Actions (E&A) is a new feature that helps capture and react to critical events generated by users and devices interacting on the PubNub platform. E&A delivers a highly scalable and cost-effective service that sifts through millions of events in real time and maps the relevant ones to a growing catalog of actions including webhooks, Amazon SQS, Amazon Kinesis. This way customers can capture critical events (e.g. important messages) and route them to third-party systems for storage, processing, data analysis, and more. Test it out by logging in to the PubNub Admin Portal.