Latest Feature Releases

Events & Actions is Now Generally Available


Events & Actions (E&A) is a new feature that helps capture and react to critical events generated by users and devices interacting on the PubNub platform. E&A delivers a highly scalable and cost-effective service that sifts through millions of events in real time and maps the relevant ones to a growing catalog of actions including webhooks, Amazon SQS, Amazon Kinesis. This way customers can capture critical events (e.g. important messages) and route them to third-party systems for storage, processing, data analysis, and more. Test it out by logging in to the PubNub Admin Portal.

React Native Chat Components Generally Available


React Native Chat Components is a software library with pre-built UI components for developers to build chat experiences. Now, in addition to creating in-app chat for iOS, Android, and React, PubNub customers can utilize our new Chat UI Components for React Native. With PubNub Chat Components you can get chat up and running quickly, focus on your core product without having to worry about real-time infrastructure, and quickly and easily add additional real-time functionality, beyond chat. Read more

Events & Actions Free Preview


PubNub is offering a free preview of our new Events & Actions feature until August 31, 2022.  Events & Actions is powerful event filtering with a simple UI to manage event listeners and associated actions. Events & Actions enables you to filter the meaningful events that are happening in your application and create corresponding actions that connect these events to the rest of your application infrastructure.The Events & Actions system can help users (technical and non-technical) easily develop new, no-code features based upon events that occur in PubNub.

Check it out on your PubNub dashboard today! 

Access Manager v3 Generally Available


PubNub announces the release of Access Manager v3, which is a new cryptographic, token-based permission system aimed to secure your application against unauthorized access. Read more

New and improved Dart SDK


Introducing our new and improved Dart SDK.  Along with significant improvements in usability, our new Dart SDK is compatible with the latest Flutter 2.0 release, and we’ve also implemented null safety checks which are essential for Dart development.  Our documentation has been updated and now includes a sample chat application to make it easier than ever to get started with our Dart SDK.  Get Started Now