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Support Chat
Chat Support
We have added full support for connecting with us via chat throughout our service - on both the website and Admin Dashboard! We have developers available most hours of the day from Monday to Friday to make sure your pricing, technical, and general questions get addressed. If you are unable to connect with us, please remember you are free to email with your questions at any time!
Improved POST Publishes
Publishes made with the HTTP method POST now have an improved security model to allow for CORS support. BLOCKS now supports POST publishes as well.
To make it easier to get started with PubNub, we have added walkthroughs to various pages of the Admin Dashboard in the form of pop-up tooltips. Closing the tooltips will prevent them from showing again, with the option of re-enabling them at any point in the future should you choose.
Full Blocks Storage and Playback Integration
Full BLOCKS and Storage & Playback Integration
Before-publish blocks now have full integration with our Storage & Playback feature. If Storage & Playback is enabled, and if you use logic in your block to change the message in an on-before-publish event handler, then your updated message will be stored in Storage, and retrievable for subscribers using our history API.
PHP v4 Beta
The PHP v4 Beta is now publically available for download. As with the other v4 SDK releases, the PHP v4 SDK is re-written from the ground up to be lighter, faster, and easier-to-use than ever before. Head on over to the packagist for documentation and to download.
GeoCoding Block
Featured New April Blocks

Our catalog is growing. Check out our latest blocks you can use to make your applications even more feature rich:

  • Esri Reverse Geocoding - Esri's World Geocoding Service allows you to convert a latitude and longitude into an address. For example, if you are using realtime coordinates, you can use reverse geocoding to find the address for those coordinates.
  • Esri Directions - Esri's Routing Service for directions can be used to find the best way to get from one location to another or to visit several locations. The best route can be the quickest route for a given time of day taking traffic conditions into account, or it can be the shortest route that minimizes the travel distance. Create point-to-point routing, or build optimized routes that automatically consider traffic.
Java SDK Update
Java SDK Update

PubNub has updated the following SDK. Click through for full details on the latest release:

  • Java (4.6.2)
JavaScript SDK Update
JavaScript SDK Update

PubNub has updated the following SDK. Click through for full details on the latest release:

  • JavaScript (4.8.0)

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