Bluebell Reinvents Baby Monitor: Less Stressful Parenting

IoT device control powered by PubNub gave Bluebell the power to monitor the well-being of babies for parents around the clock

At a Glance

  • Faster time-to-market with innovative features across multiple connected devices

  • Scalability to keep up with growing demand and explosive holiday sales

  • Reliability and real-time data to ensure an always-on connection between parents and babies

Bluebell Reinvents Baby Monitor: Less Stressful Parenting


Build an innovative baby monitor and quickly get it to market

Bluebell was founded by three dads on a mission to make parenting simpler. Their healthcare backgrounds helped them design a technology solution to reduce the stress of parenting and improve the well-being of little ones. The team wanted to capture more data from more sensors across interconnected devices while adding creative tracking and control features. But they knew it would be slow and expensive to develop an app from scratch to capture all this data, enable controls and alerts, and provide data-driven guidance necessary to create a better connection between parent and child.


Streamlined device management keeps both parents and babies calm and comfortable

The Bluebell team had prior experience with PubNub and valued its ease of use, scalability, and reliability. Using PubNub, Bluebell developed a system that combined new technology to monitor everything from temperature to sleep positions. The Parent wristband provides monitoring and alerts, and even acts as a fitness tracker. The Smart hub adds a temperature sensor, speaker, and a nightlight, and everything is controlled by the Mobile app. The combination of sensors and devices could have overwhelmed developers, but PubNub allowed for easy data management, a faster development time, and the needed scalability for success. With PubNub, everyone at Bluebell sleeps like a baby.