Beamable Ensures Game Devs Don’t Lose Sight of the Game
Beamable Ensures Game Devs Don’t Lose Sight of the Game

Beamable Ensures Game Devs Don’t Lose Sight of the Game

PubNub Chat helps give their customers a faster, drag-and-drop way to build more engaging games

Beamable Ensures Game Devs Don’t Lose Sight of the Game

At a Glance.

At a Glance

  • Reliability so game developers can go big as they build their own games
  • Scalability to keep players connected as more customers build more games
  • Easier to build more engaging games with drag-and-drop chat integration


Keep game developers focused on the game, without the difficulty of building a custom platform

Building a successful game is difficult. Not only do developers need to create an engaging story people will love, they have to actually code the software and build the infrastructure for many individual components, like chat. Beamable was a game developer at first, turning popular entertainment brands like Star Trek and Game of Thrones into hugely successful games. Now, the company aims to make the building part easier with a Unity SDK and LiveOps tools so game makers can put more effort into the game itself. Beamable adds a broad set of services, such as chat, guilds, commerce, and more. Having used PubNub Chat in their previous games, when the time came to add more services to the Beamable offering, the choice was clear. 


Make it easier to build, operate, and monetize mobile games

Having built several successful games, Beamable knew the challenges, so they launched a new business to help other developers eliminate the difficult creation of server-based game technology so creators can stay focused on a game’s differentiators. Of course, chat is now an integral part of nearly all gameplay, so including it in Beamable was guaranteed. But with their sights set high and developers painfully aware of the difficulties in building rich gaming experiences, they knew they could only trust the reliability and scalability of PubNub Chat. It gives Beambale customers a robust platform on which to build highly engaging and interactive games, and the confidence to support huge audiences across a wide range of devices and operating systems.

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