Gameloft Creates Immersive Player Experiences

Gameloft uses PubNub to power multiplayer chat in their RPG game, Heroes of the Dark.

With PubNub, Gameloft:

  • Saw a 15 percent reduction in development time of new features.

  • Eliminated downtime and interruptions for their in-game chat. 

  • Enabled real-time player interaction, regardless of scale.

Gameloft Creates Immersive Player Experiences

Meet Gameloft 

Mobile video game developer, Gameloft, is dedicated to creating enjoyable player experiences. 

Over the last two decades, they have developed 190 games, including Asphalt, Disney Magic Kingdoms, Modern Combat, and Minion Rush. What sets Gameloft apart from other developers in the industry is their commitment to delivering high-quality gaming experiences to 70+ million monthly active users.

When one of their RPG games, Heroes of the Dark, began experiencing problems with downtime and missing chat messages, their team promptly took action and turned to PubNub. 

Delivering low latency online gaming for a global audience

Because real-time interactivity is critical to Gameloft’s success, Nikolay Dimitrov, Technical Director at Gameloft, knew they needed a robust solution that could provide the low latency necessary for player chats to sync up with live RPG gameplay. 

“As Technical Director, I want to provide the most stable service and the best solution for developers to easily implement the features and functionalities for players to use and enjoy,” said Dimitrov. “PubNub was the most professional and compatible with multiple programming languages and multiple platforms, everything that we wanted was there.” 

By leveraging PubNub, the Gameloft team got up and running with chat expeditiously. “With PubNub, the initial integration was very quick and our developers actually started working in a matter of a few weeks, saving us 15 percent in development time,” said Dimitrov.

Creating interactive gaming experiences with chat

For Gameloft, having a reliable in-game chat has become vital to delivering a great user experience, as it lets players feel like they are part of a larger community. This real-time interactivity is especially important in their RPG game, Heroes of the Dark, where humans, vampires, and werewolves in a Victorian world must strategize in order to survive. 

“Before, we didn't have the chance to improve our chat service because it was not in our control,” said Dimitrov, “PubNub is a very powerful system that provides a lot of features for our developers.”

Heroes of the Dark players can now chat, compete, and interact online in a way that feels just as entertaining as playing side-by-side with their friends, something that would not be possible without scalable, real-time chat. 

Rolling out real-time features with confidence 

As Gameloft continues to innovate, they’ve found that one of the major benefits of PubNub is knowing that they have a trusted partner to provide guidance throughout the launch and post-launch process.

“We receive guidance from [PubNub’s] Solution Architects and are constantly supported,” said Dimitrov. “This is the first time I’ve seen such engagement from a company in my career.” 

If you could benefit from a reliable and scalable solution to build your game like Gameloft did, you can sign up and create a PubNub account for free