Dwelo is Making Apartments Smarter with PubNub

Dwelo is Making Apartments Smarter with PubNub
Dwelo is Making Apartments Smarter with PubNub

Customer Overview

Dwelo uses smart home technology designed for multi-unit complexes which gives landlords, property managers and tenants the ability to control an apartment with the ease of an app. With Dwelo’s smart system, renters can enjoy the benefits of smart thermostats, lights, and locks. Using an elegant and simple mobile app, renters can remotely unlock their home and turn on the lights for the dog walker, or turn on the air conditioning during their commute back home from work, saving energy when they’re gone and at the same time arriving to a comfortable home during the heat wave. Apartment owners and managers love Dwelo for its ability to manage multiple units and complexes. Keys and locks can be managed with a single click, and Dwelo notifies managers about HVAC failures. Managers can even use a mobile app to remotely onboard and move-in renters.

Renter Security

Renters expect immediate action and don’t want to wait minutes or even seconds for the door to unlock or the lights to turn on. More importantly, renters want security. A smart door lock is useless if anyone can hack the system and get into the home. At the same time, managers need to be able to simultaneously manage thousands of units across multiple complexes. Dwelo took on the challenge of building the smart apartment platform, but their small team didn’t have the resources or time to internally develop the real-time technology — technology that needed to work securely with virtually every device, operating system and router on the market. dwelo-app

Smart Home Scalability

Dwelo turned to PubNub for its functionality and scale, ease-of-implementation and attractive pricing. PubNub enables Dwelo to send data in real time to any device by traversing cell and Wi-Fi networks, firewalls, and OS’s while ensuring enterprise-level security with multiple encryption standards and permission management down to the person, device, and channel.


Dwelo has been thrilled with its choice of PubNub. According to Dwelo CTO Isaac Martin,
The actual implementation of PubNub’s network was incredibly easy. It was up and working the first day. I would have had to hire several more developers and spend weeks or months to get the functionality, scalability, and security we have with PubNub.
Dwelo also derives value from the stability of the PubNub network.
We’ve never experienced any latency or messaging failures to date, and PubNub guarantees their reliability in their contracts. This is really important.