Collaborative Applications

Collaborative applications enable multiple users to interact with one another in real-time. Applications like Scratchpad and ClassDojo improve productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness by working together in virtual spaces. These multiuser apps enable any number of users to collaborate simultaneously in documents, worksheets, and other digital workspaces by synchronizing data and delivering real-time views of projects and tasks.

The core components of such an application may include:

How does PubNub Power Collaborative Applications?

PubNub provides the real-time communication infrastructure necessary for collaborative apps, so developers can focus on designing their applications. PubNub offers features that meet the needs of an application.

  • Publish: Send updates whenever user input is updated, such as text updates, emoji reactions, mouse position coordinates, files, and other complex metadata.

  • Subscribe: Receive updates to update users' screens.

  • Presence: Update the online status of users.

  • Message Persistence: Display any missed information to offline users once they login or track project and document revisions.

  • Push Notifications: Notify mobile users who are offline about any missed messages, project updates, or application updates.

  • Objects: Store information about your user in one place without the need of setting up or calling your database.

  • Access Manager: Restrict access for private conversations, channel rooms, documents, and projects for specific users.

  • Functions: Translate messages, censor inappropriate messages, announce the arrival of new users and notify other users of mentions.

How-To Build Collaborative Applications

How-To Build Collaborative Applications

Learn how-to build collaborative applications using PubNub.
Collaboration Tutorial

Collaboration Tutorial

Follow a tutorial to create Codoodler, a collaborative drawing application that occurs in real-time.
PubNub Documentation

PubNub Documentation

Learn how to incorporate PubNub to serve as the real-time communication infrastructure for your applciation.