Collaborate in virtual environments

Deliver shared whiteboards, dashboards, leaderboards, and classrooms for e-learning and digital collaboration.

Real-time multiuser spaces shape new approaches to learning and collaboration

Real-time multiuser space

Virtual shared whiteboards, classrooms, and documents enhance learning

Engage students online with virtual whiteboards, classrooms, live webcasts and slideshows, and real-time quizzes.

Shared, multiuser documents and spaces enhance collaboration and productivity

Improve workforce or workgroup productivity with secure, shared digital collaboration on projects, documents, and tasks.

Creating new platforms for digital collaboration



Adobe uses PubNub to power real-time collaboration and multiuser features of their Digital Publishing Solution, allowing multiple users to collaborate simultaneously on a single project and have any changes reflected across all other connected devices immediately, in real time.


Users of Adobe’s creative products are able to collaborate in real time to add, update, and delete, and otherwise modify their work. This smooth and consistent editing experience gives teams the ability to create their best work in just the way that they want.

"DevOps isn’t our core competency. I’d much rather work with a dedicated service like PubNub to fulfill a well-defined need, like quickly transmitting data between players, so our engineering team can focus on the hard problems that are unique to our business."

David Underhill

VP of Engineering

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Drive collaboration around live content.

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Drive productivity with shared, digital experiences.

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