This demo is best experienced on a larger device.

CoDoodler: Collaboration Demo

Draw with your friends! Powered by PubNub, our real-time collaboration demo demonstrates a simple drawing application that allows for multiple users to draw at the same time on a canvas.

About this demo

With PubNub, you can create a real-time collaborative demo in the web using PubNub's JavaScript SDK to update users in real-time with drawings, name changes, and mouse positions.


  1. Publish: Update users in real-time with mouse positions, drawing, and name updates.

  2. Subscribe: Listen for and view other mouse positions, drawing, and name updates in real-time.

  3. Presence: Get currently present users and listen to new presence events. Generate new drawing pointers that track other user mouse positions and names.

  4. Canvas: Use the Canvas element to draw 2D lines.