Latest Feature Releases

GA of Functions Endpoints

Endpoints makes PubNub Functions available to anything capable of making an HTTP request. A few of the use cases Endpoints enable are as follows:

  • Create chatbots for any realtime app or messaging platform
  • Implement authentication models such as OAUTH
  • Integrate 3rd party services for things like sentiment analysis, geolocation, and machine learning

Billing & Support Information
Billing & Support Information

Billing and support information is now visible for easy reference in your Admin Portal. Simply login, click your account name in the upper right hand corner, and select "General". Under "Account Details" you will then see your current Support Plan and Billing Tiers.

BLOCKS Console Filters
BLOCKS Console Filters
Buttons for filtering the output of the BLOCKS console are now available. Filter internal messages such as System Info, Blocks Status, and Channel Status, from user-supplied messages such as Console Output or Test Messages. This allows you to more easily debug your code as you develop blocks in our editor.
Portal Instruction
Portal Instructions
Last month we introduced walkthroughs to various pages of the Admin Dashboard in the form of pop-up tooltips. We have added more instructions throughout the Admin Dashboard to help you navigate and see the most important info on each page. Closing the instructions will prevent them from showing again, with the option of re-enabling them at any point in the future should you choose.
Cisco Spark Collaboration
Featured May Blocks

Our catalog is growing. Check out our latest blocks you can use to make your applications even more feature rich:

Some of this month’s featured blocks include:

  • Cisco Spark - Cisco Spark is an app-centric, cloud-based service that provides a complete collaboration suite for teams to create, meet, message, call, whiteboard, and share. With the Cisco Spark block, you can kick off a video call, open a chat message, or initiate an interactive whiteboard, all within the PubNub Network.

  • IBM OpenWhisk - The IBM Openwhisk block allows OpenWhisk to work with today’s stream-based applications, to stream data to and from OpenWhisk, and leverage PubNub BLOCKS for lightweight compute in the network.
Java SDK
Java SDK Update

PubNub has updated the following SDK. Click through for full details on the latest releases:

JavaScript SDK Update
JavaScript SDK Update

PubNub has updated the following SDK. Click through for full details on the latest releases:

PubNub Privacy Policy

We made a change to our registration page to improve transparency around your privacy. We now make sure to tell customers that by creating an account they accept our Privacy Policy. You can read the PubNub privacy policy here.

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