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A Developer's Guide: Connecting the Industrial Internet of Things with PubNub



The term Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) encompasses the
interconnection of sensors, instruments, and various devices that are
linked together with computers, specifically designed for industrial
purposes such as manufacturing.

IIoT is directly related to Internet of Things (IoT). IoT refers to physical
devices fitted with sensors and network connectivity, which connect and
exchange data with other devices and systems.

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Customer Use Cases

Engineering teams at Climate LLC, the digital farming arm of Bayer Crop Science, use PubNub to deliver real-time updates at scale, driving efficient operations and improving communications for their customers.


As an estimated 50 billion new devices come online in the next 5 years, Gartner Research lists security as the #1 challenge to making the Internet of Things a reality.


Integrating IIoT devices into existing industrial infrastructure allows unprecedented access to real-time data, which is invaluable for effective decision-making and predictive maintenance.

As Industry 4.0 reshapes the manufacturing landscape, it is essential to understand different maintenance strategies and their impact on the production process, sustainability, and competitiveness.

The essence of implementing the Industrial Internet of Things in manufacturing lies in the core principles of digital transformation.

By seamlessly integrating PubNub Insights with Industry 4.0 predictive maintenance applications, businesses can better understand equipment health, identify potential failure points, and optimize maintenance schedules for peak performance.

How-To Guides

Learn how to provision devices, acquire data, distribute data and more with this step-by-step tutorial of how to get started developing IoT solutions.

If you’re looking to ensure your industrial IoT deployment runs smoothly and efficiently, predictive maintenance can be a valuable strategy.


Build a Condition Monitoring Dashboard for monitoring industrial equipment conditions and sensors in real time. Make informed maintenance decisions and predict when maintenance will be needed to avoid downtime.

PubNub for IIoT

Device monitoring and device control made simple.

Send and receive bidirectional data to and from IoT devices and sensors, for real-time monitoring and control.

Docs / Tools

It is super easy to integrate MQTT devices into the PubNub network. No code changes required; simply put your pub/sub credentials into your device identifier, and PubNub takes care of the rest.

Get a better understanding of your industrial IOT data within PubNub. Learn how to look for anomalies and optimize your applications.

Github Links

Condition Monitoring Dashboard built with JavaScript and an Automation Direct Programmable Logic Controller.

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