PubNub Insights

PubNub Insights helps you proactively adjust your plans with an evidence-based approach by having access to turnkey aggregated metrics and usable analytics that are built from your PubNub data & utilization.


PubNub Insights is automatically available to PubNub customers on the Starter and Pro plans.

Insights Standard - includes analytics for the last 24-hour period, today, and yesterday. Available at no additional cost.

Insights Premium - includes analytics from the last 60 days to up to three years and is available for a monthly subscription fee.

Available to Starter & Pro PlansFreeMonthly Subscription Fee
Dashboard Date RangeLast 24 hours, today, yesterdayFrom the last 60 days to a maximum of three years
Time PeriodHourlyHourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly
Timezone SelectionYesYes
Export FeatureYesYes
Dashboard Settings: Messages ConfigurationYesYes
Expanded Data DownloadNoYes
Highlights & AlertsNoYes
Analyze with AINoYes

PubNub Insights has four distinct dashboards, each allowing for measuring different metrics:


Insights can be accessed through PubNub's Admin Portal, so to use it, you need to first log in to Admin Portal.

If this is your first time using PubNub Insights, you must select an app, a keyset, and your use case(s) from the dropdown list.

Once you have chosen the app, the keyset, and the use case(s), click the Go To Insights button, and the Snapshot dashboard for this app and keyset will automatically load.

Use case selection

Use case refers to how you currently use or plan to use PubNub in your application. If you use PubNub to build a chat app or an IoT app, select Chat or IoT from the use case dropdown on the PubNub Insights page in the Admin Portal. Currently, if chat is one of the use cases you selected because that's what you use PubNub for, then you'll see chat metrics in the Messages dashboard of Insights if you follow PubNub's payload convention. You can select one or more use cases and update this at any time in the Insights Dashboard Settings.

Dashboard settings

PubNub Insights automatically provides a set of four dashboards for each keyset, and you can give it a meaningful name and description. By default, the set of dashboards inherits the name of the keyset it belongs to.

Dashboard Info

Dashboard Info lets you update or edit the Use Case with the keyset. By default, the use case that you've chosen while activating Insights is assigned to all keysets on your account. If a keyset has a different use case from the others, you can change this setting in this section of the Dashboard Settings.


Messages Configuration allows you to change the data behind the analytics in your Messages dashboard.

If “In-app Chat” is one of the use cases selected and you used the default PubNub messages JSON schema, then the Messages dashboard automatically shows the following two metrics:

  • Top 10 Message Types
  • Count of Message Type that is Chat

If your implementation does not use the default PubNub JSON schema or you don't use PubNub for an in-app chat, then your Messages dashboard will have empty charts that can be populated by providing the JSON path for the two metrics listed above or other items you want to track.

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