Connect and control IoT devices in real time

Device monitoring and device control made simple.

Flag sensor events that drive action

Create remote access to in-home sensors: thermostats, entertainment systems, door locks, and more.

Manage your industrial systems: sprinklers, climate monitoring, buildings, cities, and anything that you want connected.

Publish data on what is happening in real time for logistics and transportation.

Manage and monitor IoT devices in real time

Monitor the status and health of your IoT devices

Receive real-time data from sensors, and understand the health of your devices at a glance.

Control devices from anywhere

Get sensor data and act on it, empowering users to control their homes or manage connected systems.

Link IoT devices to create data ecosystems

Integrate other data sources to improve IoT performance, enable automation, and expand capabilities.

Get inspired by our IoT customers


"[PubNub] allows us to watch for watering or device state changes across different clients using just a few lines of code. We’ve never experienced a PubNub outage and it serves as a cornerstone of our architecture."

Franz Garsombke

CTO of Rachio


"It’s easy to build a demo showing how fantastic other [open-source] solutions are, until you put it in a production environment and run into problems trying to scale it. With PubNub, we are both reducing our risk and getting..."

Peter Fornell

VP of Product Development at Happiest Baby

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