IoT & Connected Devices

Realtime monitoring and control of IoT devices

Send and receive bidirectional data to and from IoT devices and sensors, for realtime monitoring and control.

Realtime monitoring and control of IoT devices
Realtime monitoring and control of IoT devices

Realtime data transforms IoT device monitoring and control

Realtime, remote monitoring and control of home IoT devices

Case Study



Logitech uses PubNub to power the realtime communication between their Harmony Smart Home hub, remote control, and smartphone application to enable Harmony app users to control their entertainment and home devices whether from inside or outside their home.


Logitech provides its users with great peace of mind with Harmony. With PubNub’s realtime capabilities, Harmony app users can turn off the lights and adjust the thermostat, double-check that they’ve locked the front door, or make changes to their entertainment systems, and be alerted to any changes as they arise.

Using PubNub was more cost-effective than trying to build this capability ourselves. We don’t have to implement, and more importantly, operate a real-time infrastructure meeting high scalability, performance and reliability requirements.

William ChienDirector of Product Management at Logitech

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How PubNub Works

How PubNub Works

Learn how PubNub works and the concepts behind our realtime platform.

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