Internationalizing & Localizing Your Modern JavaScript App

1 min read Michael Carroll on Mar 30, 2015

internationalizing javascriptWhy should we translate our apps? What are good goals when creating a success translation system?

In this talk, developer Johnathan Leppert discusses the current state of internationalization and localization standards in the browser and identifies areas for improvement for both for client-side and server-side rendered applications, including managing translation strings, handling plural forms, testing, translation process, and interfacing with external translation providers.

Jonathan also reviews currently available libraries, the status of the INTL browser standard, and shares simple translation methods that he has found successful.

About Johnathan Leppert

Johnathan is a Web Developer at Airware, working on the Cloud Platform. Prior to joining Airware, Johnathan was a Senior Engineer at LinkedIn, where he worked on frontend and service architecture and infrastructure. Johnathan has over 10 years experience working on frontend and backend systems for the web at high scale and has contributed to several open source projects. In his spare time, Johnathan is a fixed wing and multi-rotor R/C hobbyist. He is passionate about the open web and user experience.