Reach your users with push notifications and alerts

Get the right information to the right people — at the right time with in app notifications.

Innovation starts with real-time communication

Increase user engagement with offers and updates.

Keep business operations running smoothly.

Reach subscribers no matter where they are.

Push notifications keep your users engaged and informed

Engage your users with mobile push notifications

Trigger event or state-based alerts that bring your users back to games, stores, classes, and more.

Keep customers informed with real-time alerts

Provision geo-aware jobs and orders, highlight exceptions, or update status for operational gains in business fulfillment and service.

Stay top of mind, even when your app isn't

Send alerts in-app if users are online, or through mobile push notifications if they’re not – for always-on reach.

Get inspired by our push notifications customers

“Since deploying this support chatbot built with PubNub, Swiggy has been able to automate up to 70% of all customer support tickets. Because of this, their time to resolution has also decreased dramatically, from an average of around five minutes pre-automation to just 30 to 40 seconds now.” 

Rahul Bennapalan

Software Development Engineer 4 at Swiggy


"As a driver, you might have accepted the job, and as far as you’re concerned you start driving towards the passenger, but you don’t know that the passenger never received that, because maybe his network dropped out temporarily. So..."

Chris Moore

co-founder and Director of Roam Creative (for Zoomy)

Alert GetInspire Paleton

"As our user base at Peloton continues to grow, we’ve found some interesting opportunities to connect members to each other. We think that creating more opportunities for shared, real-time workout experiences is an important initiative and something we wanted..."

Douglas Crossley and Chris Mohr

originally published on the Peloton Engineering blog

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