Cabify Makes Sure Riders Get Around Town in Style

PubNub helps drivers find their next ride so they can deliver more a professional, higher quality service

At a Glance

  • Scalability as service grows beyond 11 countries and 90 cities

  • Strong reliability to support customer safety and quality expectations 

  • Maintain high-quality experience as core to the brand and service and as a company differentiator

Cabify Makes Sure Riders Get Around Town in Style


Give riders the high-quality experience they deserve

Cabify is working hard to differentiate their ride-sharing service from all the others by focusing on quality. They have professional drivers, make sure all cars are clean and modern, and give riders more control over journey preferences. But it all means nothing if drivers can’t find their next fare. When a rider requests a lift, Cabify has to quickly alert only those drivers who fit the need, and are nearby and available. That can require up to 80 alerts, all sent simultaneously. As Cabify grew to serving 90-plus cities across 11 countries, their in-house alerts system buckled under the strain. But then they found a new route.


Put a better ride in front of every rider

Cabify hailed PubNub to deliver a better rider experience, every time, no matter how big the company grew. They were introduced through an acquisition, which had already been delighted by their PubNub experience. For Cabify, going with PubNub would ensure no riders would be kept waiting or get a car that didn’t meet their needs, and it left their reliability and scalability concerns behind. Cabify is now confident they have a messaging solution that can scale with them. PubNub delivered, and now Cabify can really hit the gas.