The Definitive Guide to In-App Chat

Everything you need to scope, build, and innovate with in-app chat.
The Definitive Guide to In-App Chat

In-app chat is mission-critical to your business and plays a key role in how your users talk, buy, learn, love and communicate.

You need to out-innovate the competition from day one and deliver the immersive chat experiences your users crave.

The Definitive Guide to In-App Chat provides a 360-degree view of chat app development, deployment, and scaling - and shows you why chat is becoming central to apps across industries. It covers:

  1. The current landscape of in-app chat technology

  2. How in-app chat is evolving

  3. How to ensure you’re at the forefront of innovation

By the end of this eBook, you'll have a global sense for how to think about in-app chat, what it takes to build, and how to use it to differentiate your product.

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