11 Must-Have Features for Your In-App Chat

Essential chat features you need to ensure increased user engagement, improved performance, and long-term scalability.
11 Must-Have Features for Your In-App Chat

Implementing your in-app chat with a third party is the best way to build: You get more reliable infrastructure and the ability to scale effortlessly, like our customer vFairs, who grew their user base and platform adoption by 40x with no disruptions or latency issues.

But how do you choose the platform that is right for you to build with?  

To make this process simpler, we surveyed our customers to learn what they value most in their chat provider and what they believe are non-negotiable features to include when building in-app chat. 

This e-book teaches you how to properly evaluate a chat provider and walks you through eleven essential features to build into your in-app chat, so you can reap the benefits of high user engagement, long-term scalability, and operational reliability.

By the end of this e-book, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to select a chat platform and how to start building your in-app chat.

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