Explore real-time demos for Chat, IoT, Geolocation and more

Virtual Events

Live Streaming Demo

This live-streaming demo shows how you can create interactive experiences that engage audiences in real-time as well as tools to moderate your audience.

Transport and Logistics Demo

PubNub can enable your transport and logistics application, allowing real-time updates on vehicle location, communication between customers, dispatchers and drivers, and notifications so drivers are always kept up to date.
Push Demo Screenshot
Push Messaging

Push Demo

PubNub's Mobile Push Gateway provides a method to deliver messages fast and reliably regardless of whether the application is in the foreground or background on iOS and Android devices.
Digital whiteboard with simple drawings and annotations using various colors.

CoDoodler: Collaboration Demo

Draw with your friends! Powered by PubNub, our real-time collaboration demo demonstrates a simple drawing application that allows for multiple users to draw at the same time on a canvas.

Unity Demo

PubNub makes it easy to empower your Unity gaming applications with real-time leaderboard updates and in-app chat.
Image showing real-time data streaming
Real-time Streaming

Real-Time Data Streaming Demo

What is Streaming Data? Streaming data is a continuous flow of information from various sources in real time. PubNub’s real-time streaming APIs allow you to generate, process and deliver streaming data to any number of subscribers.
Virtual Events

Virtual Events Demo

Virtual events chat gives users the ability to engage and react during high-occupancy live events.
IoT Device Control

IoT Dashboard Demo

PubNub's high availability, scalable infrastructure is ideal for IoT solutions with thousands of devices spread across a large geographical area
Interactive global map showing a single active user in Seattle with information about the city and its connection to the grunge music scene.

Geolocation Demo

Geolocation connects users around the world empowering them to share information and experiences in real-time from any device.