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Live Streaming Demo

This live-streaming demo shows how you can create interactive experiences that engage audiences in real-time as well as tools to moderate your audience.

About this demo

This Live Events demo allows users to interact with each other and the broadcaster (streamer) during high-occupancy events.

Having a large number of people join a stream comes with its own set of challenges, and how you architect your application will have a big impact on the experience of the end users. This demo shows you not only how to architect a chat system but also a moderation system for live events using PubNub. The demo shows moderation from the broadcaster's to the user's. In short, this demo shows how to utilize the PubNub Chat SDK to quickly make your Live Events chat feature rich with moderation functionality.

The road doesn’t end here, use this demo as a guide or a starting point to get quickly aligned with PubNub, but referring to the docs of the ChatSDK can help you quickly achieve the user experience you want.

Chat Features

Broadcast Features

Moderation Features