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Chat SDK Demo for web
In-App Chat

Chat Demo

Recommended if you are building a chat application or adding chat to an existing app. A fully featured implementation written with the PubNub Chat SDK in Typescript showing both group chats and 1:1 conversations
Chat SDK Mobile Demo
In-App Chat

Chat SDK Demo for Mobile

The Chat SDK is a framework-agnostic API for TypeScript and JavaScript developers to add chat to their application
Moderation Dashboard Screenshot
In-App Chat

Moderation Dashboard

The Moderation Dashboard moderates chat messages and images in real-time for any of your PubNub API keys; It’s also open source and free for you to use. The Moderation Dashboard is loaded with features, such as profanity filtering and channel moderation, that any chat developer needs to moderate user activity and enforce community guidelines.
Digital whiteboard with simple drawings and annotations using various colors.

CoDoodler: Collaboration Demo

Draw with your friends! Powered by PubNub, our real-time collaboration demo demonstrates a simple drawing application that allows for multiple users to draw at the same time on a canvas.
Chat in 10 Lines
In-App Chat

Chat in 10 Lines of Code

How easy is it to create a chat app with the PubNub SDK? This demo shows how you can implement a JavaScript chat application in fewer than 10 lines code.
In-App Chat

Chat Demo written in Flutter

Using PubNub's Dart SDK, you can easily include chat into your cross-platform Flutter applications
In-App Chat

Chat App for Moderation Dashboard

This app is the partner to our Moderation Dashboard demo. If you are developing a chat app, please refer to our other In-App Chat demos.

Real-Time Auction Demo

PubNub makes it easy to create real-time auctions with tons of features.