Kakeai Enhances Collaboration During Meetings

Kakeai uses PubNub to power one-to-one chat, which has improved efficiency for their customers.
Kakeai Enhances Collaboration During Meetings

With PubNub, Kakeai:

  • Reduced their development time by switching to a real-time solution.

  • Can build faster to incorporate real-time functionality such as one-to-one chat and presence detection. 

  • Can seamlessly scale to support spikes in user traffic.

Kakeai Enhances Collaboration During Meetings

"We were able to develop and deploy new features with real-time functionalities fast thanks to the developer-friendly APIs of PubNub.”

-Akira Koyasu, Co-Founder and Full Stack Developer at Kakeai

Meet Kakeai

Based in Tokyo, Japan, Kakeai provides a cloud based one-on-one platform that specializes in making meetings more effective and successful. 

Their platform helps improve efficiency for a variety of major companies by providing tools to personalize and streamline daily one-on-one meetings (also known as check-ins, 121s, 1:1s, one-to-ones). While in-app, users can share documents, memos, and engage in real time to better enhance collaboration during meetings.

Because their platform delivers one-to-one communication instantaneously, Kakeai realized that building and maintaining these real-time functionalities in-house would require a considerable amount of development time. As a way to build faster and provide a better user experience, Kakeai relies on PubNub. 

Making the switch to a real-time solution

Prior to PubNub, Kakeai encountered a range of technical challenges when trying to build their platform from scratch. “We tried to build our own Pub/Sub APIs from scratch and realized that it is not easy to keep real-time APIs fast and reliable,” said Akira Koyasu, Co-Founder and Full Stack Developer at Kakeai. 

After evaluating multiple real-time solutions, Koyasu and his team found PubNub's documentation easy-to-follow and concluded that building their one on one meeting tool with PubNub would be the best fit. From there, they switched from their in-house system to PubNub, and were able to easily get up and running.

Kakeai quickly rolled out important one-to-one chat capabilities in their platform with PubNub’s Publish/Subscribe API and Presence API. Additionally through presence detection, their platform gives users the ability to instantly see when others have joined or left a meeting. Being able to know when others have joined or left increases user engagement because it helps make conversations feel organic. 

“We were able to develop and deploy new features with real-time functionalities fast thanks to the developer-friendly APIs of PubNub,” said Koyasu. “It would not be easy to build this kind of real-time API from scratch.”

Building chat faster with a reliable partner 

Because they deployed one-to-one chat with PubNub, Kakeai can now deliver a platform that feels familiar and intuitive, ultimately improving the user experience. In fact, Koyasu credits PubNub’s UI components and high reliability for contributing to the increase they’ve seen in customer satisfaction. 

“A well-designed real-time app leads to better user experience,” said Koyasu. “We are getting favorable feedback from our clients since our service now offers a sleek UI and well-performing, real-time functionalities to enhance their experience in one-on-ones.”

Having a flexible and reliable solution in place is crucial for Koyasu and his team, as it allows them to incorporate a customizable look and feel for their platform, faster, without the burden of maintaining the infrastructure themselves. 

Scaling with ease to support growth

As Kakeai’s user base continues to grow, Koyasu is excited to evolve their one-to-one meeting platform with new features, and he trusts that PubNub’s infrastructure will be able to successfully scale to support this growth and demand. 

“The number of our users has grown exponentially, and API calls to PubNub have exploded as a result of that,” said Koyasu. “We have found PubNub’s APIs reliable and resilient even in heavy traffic and our app performs well thanks to that.”

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