Take your custom chat app to market quickly

Focus on your feature set, not basic infrastructure, with our pre-built chat and UI components.

Components to easily and quickly build custom chat experiences

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Reduce your build time

Pre-built components and UI kits let you get your app up and running—and to market—faster.

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Focus on your core product

Rely on our infrastructure for user lists, channel lists, and messages, so you can spend time building the features that will engage and retain users.

Flexibility to expand beyond chat

Quickly and easily add additional real-time functionality to create unique interactive experiences that will increase user engagement.

Build innovative apps, not underlying infrastructure

With our Chat Components, we provide all the lower level services and backend support you need for chat, so you can spend your time creating unique features and in-app experiences to delight users.

Display a list of channels that represent chat rooms in the application.


Chat components to fit your unique use case and needs

Telehealth chat components

Build chat applications for healthcare professionals to provide advice and treatment to multiple patients. PubNub’s Chat Components are easy-to-use, prebuilt UI building blocks with chat functionality.  Chat Components allow you to rapidly create apps that take advantage of existing features such as HIPAA compliance and secure delivery of private messages.

  • Separate doctor and patient views

  • Private one-to-one messaging

  • Healthcare theming

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Check out our docs to access Chat Components and learn best practices around how to implement and use them.


Check out the Simple Chat tutorial to discover how to build a simple chat application using Chat Components.

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