Tech Conferences and Events

Tech Conferences and Events

DeveloperWeek 2019 Hiring Expo

  • DateFebruary 20
  • locationSan Francisco, CA

The DeveloperWeek 2019 Hiring Expo is returning for its fifth year as San Francisco’s largest tech hiring expo. With over 1,000 hireable developers, designers, data scientists, and engineers, hireable candidates can grab drinks, network with sponsors, and get interviewed in our meeting area.

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SF Game Development Meetup: Using AI Services in AR/VR with Unity

  • DateFebruary 12
  • locationPubNub HQ

Looking to add some AI services to your Unity project but not sure where to get started? With so many frameworks and APIs it can quickly become overwhelming. Amara will cover a small Unity and ARKit demo using Watson Assistant, Speech to Text, and Text to Speech to control an animated character in AR. Leave with access to working code samples that you can tweak and add to your project! This is a meetup for all ages and experience levels, so don't hesitate to attend and learn something new! Food and drink will be provided plus some warmup rounds of Super Smash Brothers!

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O'Reilly Software Architecture NYC

  • DateFebruary 04 - 06
  • locationNew York City, NY

Microservices, domain-driven design, and more. The O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference covers the skills and tools every aspiring and veteran software architect needs.

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Game Development Panel - Featuring Indies and Industry Professionals

  • DateJanuary 29
  • locationMicrosoft Reactor

Welcome to the first game development meetup of 2019! Hope everyone had a great holiday break and is ready to work on some awesome titles in the new year! To kick off the new year, I'm excited to announce a collaborative event with Sentry Scouts at the Microsoft Reactor. This will be a game development panel featuring indie developers and ones from major studios. Come learn about the game development process and how game developers have overcame challenging problems in the industry. This is a great educational opportunity for developers of all experience levels and ages, so make sure to come out for some free food, drinks and a SUPER SMASH BROS TOURNAMENT! See everyone there. Note: This venue is right across the street from the normal PubNub location! Don't come to PubNub, come right across the street!

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SFJS December 2018: Save the Date

  • DateDecember 12
  • location725 Folsom Street, San Francisco CA

Snacks & 🥤Drinks, 6pm-6:30pm: Sponsored by IBM Developers Check out upcoming IBM Developers Bay Area events on JavaScript, Data Science, Machine Learning and more:

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PubNub @ AWS re:Invent Last Vegas 2018

  • DateNovember 26 - 30
  • locationLas Vegas, Sands Expo, Booth #1737

Combine PubNub with Amazon’s machine learning APIs, and you’ve got yourself the tools you need to build truly smart applications.

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SFJS: RxJS, Schedulers and More

  • DateNovember 19
  • location725 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94107

"Bending Time with Schedulers and RxJS 6" Observables have been very popular because of their many qualities: asynchronous processing, composition, performance, powerful operators. But usually there's a less covered feature that lies beneath. That is: Schedulers. In this talk we are going to cover Schedulers in depth, going from the basic APIs to more obscure features to bend time to our will!

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