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Real-time Decisioning and Experimentation with Illuminate

2 min read Cres Hay on Mar 20, 2024
 Real-Time Decisioning and Experimentation with PubNub Illuminate blog.jpg

As product managers, we're all too familiar with the post-launch hustle. The clock starts ticking when you release a new app or feature into the wild. You want to monitor those crucial KPIs to ensure your app is successful and grow revenue, but finding the time to set up real-time monitoring is challenging. And if you do have monitoring in place, extracting meaningful analytics often requires a detour through your technical teams. By the time you've gathered the data, distilled it into a compelling story, and prepared to share it with stakeholders, it’s stale and already outdated. Or worse, you're appending an "as-of-date" disclaimer to your story – opening up the door for questions and inaccuracies.

It doesn’t end there! 

Based on what the data reveals, it's action time. Are we on track? Are we meeting our KPIs? What's the next step? Can I experiment and do an A/B test of my hypothesis before deploying the tactics for my monetization strategy? Speaking of deploying those tactics…how long would it take? All of this usually means another round of discussions with your tech team to plan and implement the necessary changes. To top it all off, this usually disrupts roadmap development, not helping the dev team in the process. 

A cycle of inefficiency and missed opportunities

This cycle can be frustratingly inefficient, leading to missed opportunities and potential revenue loss. It's a scenario many of us know all too well, and it all becomes even more apparent and painful with real-time apps or use cases – gaming, live events, time-sensitive scenarios, etc. 

Imagine having the power to “instantly” see and react

With these challenges in mind, we developed a product to transform how you interact with your app. We wanted to enable real-time action and observation, eliminating delays and missed opportunities. Our goal was to empower people in charge of growth and monetization to see the immediate impact of their decisions and refine their strategy without constantly relying on their engineering team. This means no more disrupting the dev team’s work on critical roadmap items or making tough trade-offs.

Real-time decisioning and analytics at your fingertips

Meet Illuminate: the latest innovation in real-time decisioning and analytics. With Illuminate, the power to observe, respond, and refine your strategy is in your hands – in real-time, allowing you to immediately define decision rules and act on what you see to ensure your app stays on the path to success.

It’s designed to be fully customizable to your specific needs. Illuminate is built for real-time apps – whether or not that app is powered by the PubNub platform – so you can define the metrics that matter most, set up and deploy decision rules with specific conditions and actions, and immediately see the impact of those decisions. All of this can be done without pulling your engineering team away from their ongoing projects.

Have we piqued your interest? Check out Illuminate by going to PubNub Admin Portal.