We Won Hacker Noon Noonie! Most Valuable Chatbot Platform!

2 min read Michael Carroll on Aug 20, 2019

On the heels of being selected Best Overall Bot Solution in the 2019 AI Breakthrough Awards, we’re excited to announce we’ve won the Hacker Noon Noonie for Most Valuable Chatbot Platform! Dubbed “the tech industry’s greenest awards,” the Noonies recognized the best (and worst) ‘peoples and products of the Internets’ for 2019 and beyond.

From simple rule-based auto responders, to sentient, intelligent chatbots at massive scale, PubNub provides a real-time platform for deploying flexible chatbots to suit your exact use case. Customer service and support, new user registration, eCommerce, and even Main Street businesses are utilizing chatbots to more effectively and efficiently engage and assist customers and prospects.

With Functions, and our Blocks Catalog which includes a number of best-in-class cognitive services (AWS, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Watson among them), you can quickly integrate and deploy chatbot capabilities into your chat application.

A Chatbot Example: NumberAI

NumberAI is a real-time conversation platform for Main Street that brings AI-powered communication to the phone line, text-enabling businesses of all sizes in an easy and intuitive way. The product rescues missed callers–lost business–and uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automatically reply to common questions that a business receives, and completes common tasks (taking food orders, for example) that generate new revenue. When the AI cannot handle a customer, an employee is notified to ensure a rapid response.

NumberAI’s product, Numa, allows businesses to communicate more quickly and conveniently with their customers. In order to deliver on the experience, several features (including message delivery!) must happen in real time. NumberAI considered a variety of ways to deliver an enhanced real-time communication experience, from SMS to mobile push notifications and beyond, but ultimately concluded that PubNub was the most effective and efficient. PubNub is used to power all real-time messaging and interactivity in the app between customers and the chatbot.

Read more about NumberAI’s innovative chatbot implementation here.

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