Connect drivers, passengers, and deliveries for rideshare and delivery apps

Delivery, provisioning and customer support with in app chat, notifications, and real-time location tracking for rideshare and delivery apps.

Connect drivers, customers, and orders in real time, and at scale, for rideshare and delivery apps

Use notifications with on-demand services

Send in-app alerts or SMS triggered by orders, locations and events to help keep business running smoothly between dispatch, drivers and customers.

Leverage location data for visual tracking on maps or for provisioning with drivers

Visually display driver location on real-time maps, or use geolocation for provisioning events for orders and drivers.

Embed in-app chat to streamline communication

Reduce customer support costs and enhance user experience by providing driver-customer or dispatch-driver communication.

Real-time data gets riders and drivers where they need to go


Zoomy for transport and delivery apps

Roam Creative is a mobile app development studio based out of Auckland, New Zealand. They design, develop, and deploy a wide variety of mobile applications for both startups and Fortune 500 companies, on several different platforms, devices, and operating systems.

Roam developed Zoomy, an iPhone and Android taxi application. Zoomy connects users to taxis in New Zealand, allowing them to find a taxi ride, track its route and arrival time, book rides, watch your taxi on a map, and pay for your ride. Zoomy is New Zealand’s first real-time taxi service app, and is currently New Zealand’s #1 travel app.

In the back of my mind, I was thinking ‘Do I want to run a real-time network as well?’ Scalability, operations, and writing the mobile client on two different platforms, and maintaining it, felt like a stretch of resources. Because for us, real-time was one of many pieces of the puzzle.

Chris Moore
Co-Founder, and Director of Roam Creative

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Connect riders and drivers in new economy apps.


Streamline taxi service with real-time request / dispatch.

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Supporting food delivery at massive growth and scale.

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