Rideshare, Taxi & Food Delivery

Connect drivers, deliveries, and customers for on-demand services

Delivery, provisioning and customer support with in app chat, notifications, and realtime location tracking.

Connect drivers, deliveries, and customers for on-demand services
Connect drivers, deliveries, and customers for on-demand services

Get drivers, customers, and orders connected in realtime - at scale

Realtime data gets riders and drivers where they need to go

Case Study



Zoomy worked with dev partner Roam Creative to implement a realtime rideshare application for drivers and riders using PubNub. In realtime, they’re able to control the communication and notification flow between riders and drivers, as well as power live location updates.


Riders used to have to wait 10 seconds between updates, and sometimes drivers wouldn’t know if a rider acknowledged that the ride was going to happen -- killers for a ridesharing application that simultaneously overloaded the infrastructure. Now, Zoomy delivers a seamless and realtime experience that connects riders and drivers, ultimately getting both where they need to go.

In the back of my mind, I was thinking ‘Do I want to run a real-time network as well?’ Scalability, operations, and writing the mobile client on two different platforms, and maintaining it, felt like a stretch of resources. Because for us, realtime was one of many pieces of the puzzle.

Chris MooreCo-Founder, and Director of Roam Creative

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