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PubNub is a highly-available, real-time communication platform optimized for maximum performance. You can use it to build chats, IoT Device Control systems, Geolocation & Dispatch apps, and many other communication solutions.

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Let us take care of the infrastructure layer of your apps so that you can focus on your application. We're offering global scalability, 99.999% uptime SLA, and an extendable platform for new real-time use cases and other third-party APIs.

First steps

Read through the chapters of our first steps documentation to understand how to connect the world in one-tenth of a second.

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We offer a free plan with basic support for testing and development. When you're ready to move to production or exceed 200 monthly active users (MAUs) and/or 1 million transactions/Functions executions, you need to upgrade to a paid account.

MAUs are unique users (with unique user IDs) that connect to PubNub at least once in a calendar month and send an API call. If you'd rather pay for transactions, you may consider transaction-based pricing.

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