Solutions for controlling synced game state and other multiplayer features for multiplayer games

Multiplayer Gaming

Ensure synced, realtime game state, statistics, and actions for all connected gamers

How PubNub Powers Multiplayer Gaming

Mimicking real life interaction is what makes a multiplayer an addictive user experience. Movement, actions, and events need to be reflected and updated across all connected devices as they happen - and not a moment later.

Synced Game State
Synced Game
Reliable, synced game state, events, and actions across all connected devices
Lobbies, Matchmaking, and Chat
Lobbies, Matchmaking, and Chat
Easily implement the social elements of multiplayer experiences
Online/offline Player List
Online/Offline Player List
Create realtime rosters of online and offline players
Alerts and Notifications
Alerts and Notifications
Deliver push notifications and in-game alerts
Live Statistics and Scores
Live Statistics and Scores
Stream score updates and game statistics to dashboards

Getting Started with Multiplayer Games

Building multiplayer games with the PubNub API is as easy as:

Check out our basic Publish/Subscribe tutorial and see how the API works.
Sign up for a Pubnub account and get your keys. Our sandbox tier is free, so test away!
Download the SDK in the language of your choice ( we have 70+ )
Check out one of our full tutorials, or head over to the docs and build your app from scratch.

Resources to Build Multiplayer Gaming Features

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