Building Applications for the On-Demand Economy

Defining the on-demand economy, what’s driving it, and the biggest challenge it faces.
Building Applications for the On-Demand Economy

The on-demand economy has completely changed the way we live.

Rideshare applications and food delivery, house rentals, laundry - basically every industry has been transformed by the on-demand business model in one way or another. At its core, on-demand economy is a business, service, or product built on letting users request a physical object, a piece of data, a service and have that request fulfilled.

In tandem with our ever-increasing reliance on on-demand services, the economy is growing bigger, faster, more efficient, and more connected. We’re seeing more and more types of services and products delivered, more resources shared, and the new gig economy transforming jobs for the next generation.

  • This ebook series will help you better understand the dynamics of the on-demand economy and the technologies that power it.

  • It’ll help you design and build your on-demand applications for any industry and ensure reliability, scale, and a sticky, delightful experience for your users.

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