Illuminate for Gaming

Accelerate game evolution and monetization in real time

Map the KPIs that are important to your game, trigger decisions based on player behaviors, and see instant outcomes — all without burdening your dev team

Put the power of real-time experimentation into the hands of the teams directly responsible for growth and the company's bottom line

In-the-moment actionability is made easy with Illuminate

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Run targeted monetization experiments in channels and see immediate results

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Send personalized recommendations immediately based on player actions as they happen

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Trigger actions based on user or cohort behaviors, and see instant outcomes

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Improve fraud detection and identify and act upon suspicious behavior in real-time

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Take the weight off of the dev team by setting up and implementing actions no-/low-code

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See the impact of your actions in real time with live charts and graphs 


A solution made for Product Managers, so you can keep your engineering team focused on building your game, not coding experiments


Act on player behavior in milliseconds, see the results instantly and then iterate again

Stop the cycle of missed opportunities that impact your game's success

5 Ways Illuminate Will Revolutionize Online Gaming

Transform your online game into a dynamic, engaging, and monetarily successful platform.

Illuminate + Gaming One Pager

Real-time decisioning and analytics that gives you the power to to observe, respond, and refine your game's strategy.

PubNub Illuminate Documentation

Check out our documentation to learn how to set-up and best practices when using Illuminate for your app.

You're in good company

Hear what our customers have been saying about Illuminate

“As a gaming pioneer that has continually been at the forefront of innovation, we’re excited about the potential of PubNub Illuminate,” said Nikolay Dimitrov, Technical Director of Gameloft Sofia. “Gameloft has more than 55 million unique users per month on our various games, so the ability for our LiveOps managers to leverage tactical real-time decisioning and analytics (through a no-code interface) is compelling."

- Nikolay Dimitrov, Technical Director

"The power to make real-time decisions is a fantastic opportunity for game makers to create iconic moments in response to individual or collective player action. We're excited to partner with PubNub on the launch of Illuminate, and to equip game teams with the ability to deliver spontaneous gameplay that delights players and captures their imagination."

- Ali El Rhermoul, Co-Founder & CTO

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