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"Adobe DPS2015 is the next generation publishing platform that was built from the ground up. PubNub provided a solution that Adobe Digital Publishing could quickly and easily integrate with to enable change notification"

William Liang

Senior Computer Scientist at Adobe

Integrate in-app chat to enhance customer brand experience

Drive brand engagement and improve operational efficiency with in-app chat, to engage the consumer at all of the digital points of connection with your company.

Use alerts and notifications for price changes and offers

Notify customers about offers and pricing changes to drive engagement or prompt actions.

Augment your location tracking data

Integrate location with other data sources to improve system efficiency and enable automated processes.

“Since deploying this support chatbot built with PubNub, Swiggy has been able to automate up to 70% of all customer support tickets. Because of this, their time to resolution has also decreased dramatically, from an average of around five minutes pre-automation to just 30 to 40 seconds now.” 

Rahul Bennapalan

Software Development Engineer 4 at Swiggy

“We've delivered billions of messages through PubNub—that is something that we've been very proud of. Being able to have that reliability allows us to focus on building a great user experience without having to scale every single part of our infrastructure.”

Kyle Heller

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Veeps

vFairs has saved 75% in dev time by moving from their in-house chat to PubNub. “With the growth we’ve seen in the past ten months, it would have been a huge problem and time issue to have to scale up our chat manually. Having PubNub means we have one less thing to worry about, we’ve never questioned if it will work and scale with us as we grow.”

Arfeen Godil

Director of IT at vFairs

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