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Securely Moderate Chat with BizOps Workspace
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How to Securely Moderate Chat and Users with BizOps Workspace

How to use PubNub's Channel Monitor and Access Manager to create a secure and moderated chat application
How to Set Up Illuminate for Your Game

How to Set up Illuminate for Your Game

Learn how to improve the monetization and balancing for your game in real time with Illuminate, an in-the-moment decision-making and actionability solution based on live analytics tracking of your online game data.
How to enable and configure PubNub Presence
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How to Enable and Configure PubNub Presence

Follow this how-to to enable Presence in the Admin Portal to track the online and offline status of users and devices in real time.
manage users and channels how-to feature
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How to Manage Users and Channels with BizOps Workspace

User Management and Channel Management allow you to manage the App Context metadata about your Users and Channels, as well as the “membership” relationship between them
channel monitor how-to feature
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How to Monitor and Moderate Conversations with BizOps Workspace

The channel monitor allows an administrator to watch live previews of conversations happening in real-time and take action to manually moderate that conversation, for example, by muting or banning users.
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How to Stream Events from PubNub to RabbitMQ

Read our guide on how to stream PubNub Events to RabbitMQ using the PubNub AMQP action. This guide will show you how to create and host your message broker and connect it to PubNub allowing you to process your own PubNub Events.

How to Create Game Alerts

Read our complete guide to build game alerts. Read this and our other information when building game alerts and push notifications.
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How to Call Access Manager from PubNub Functions

Access Manager allows you to set rules that grant read & write access to specific channels and user metadata and define permissions for who can read, write, and modify that data. This guide discusses how to implement Access Manager within a PubNub Function.

How to Add a Friend List to Your Unity Game

Learn how to add a friend list to your Unity Game with PubNub. Understand how to construct friend groups, listen for online status changes and messages from friends, and how to add/remove friends.