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A Developer's Guide: Connecting the Internet of Things with PubNub



The Internet of Things, frequently shortened to IoT, refers to physical devices fitted with sensors and network connectivity which connect and exchange data with other devices and systems.

PubNub Internet of Things Live Demos

PubNubs high availability, scalable infrastructure is ideal for IoT solutions with thousands of devices spread across a large geographical area.

Customer Use Cases

Remote patient monitoring company, Hearo, leverages PubNub to support data capture and communication in their product in a way that allows them to easily push features, scale quickly and expand their platform's functionality.

SNOO, the smart baby bed company, relies on PubNub for its reliability and scalability as well as enhanced security. This allows them to create a crib with control commands, status updates, and more.


As an estimated 50 billion new devices come online in the next 5 years, Gartner Research lists security as the #1 challenge to making the Internet of Things a reality.


MQTT is perfect for limited connectivity situations commonly encountered with IoT.

How-To Guides

Learn how to provision devices, acquire data, distribute data and more with this step-by-step tutorial of how to get started developing IoT solutions.

If you’re looking to ensure your industrial IoT deployment runs smoothly and efficiently, predictive maintenance can be a valuable strategy.


Build a sample IoT dashboard and learn principles for your own IoT use cases.

PubNub for IoT

Device monitoring and device control made simple.

Send and receive bidirectional data to and from IoT devices and sensors, for real-time monitoring and control.

Docs / Tools

It is super easy to integrate MQTT devices into the PubNub network. No code changes required; simply put your pub/sub credentials into your device identifier, and PubNub takes care of the rest.

Github Links

IoT dashboard application using JavaScript.

Resources by PubNub

Create scalable apps that enable real-time interactions, without worrying about infrastructure.

Quickly set up your account and get started with an SDK of your choice.

More Internet of Things Learning Resources

“Data-driven companies and governments are requiring a significant stream of data for real-time analytics while the growing adoption of IoT is resulting in increased demand for edge infrastructure globally.”

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