GPS fleet tracking and service event monitoring in real time

Real-time GPS fleet tracking for dispatch, provisioning, and preventative maintenance.

Optimize performance with real-time GPS fleet tracking data


Fleet tracking for all of your vehicles

Know where your drivers are, visualize real-time location on dashboards, and provision and dispatch based on location.

Improve fleet performance and efficiency with real-time service event data

Stream fleet service events for prevenative maintenance or monitor the speed and function of fleet vehicles in real time for safety.

Use third-party data to optimize routes and improve business outcomes

Enhance fleet location with third-party data (such as weather) for optimizing routes.

Using real-time service event dashboards to create competitive advantage



Decisiv uses PubNub as the real-time communication backbone to deliver real-time decision support for fleet service event management with a visual dashboard that enables customers to track, manage, and measure service and repair events, delivering real-time decision support for fleet service event management.


Real-time updates allow Decisiv to quickly identify high-priority and at-risk cases. In the trucking industry, most service event issues are usually managed after the fact of creating extra stress, increasing costs and delaying asset availability. With a real-time dashboard, companies can quickly identify the most important cases among thousands without being bogged down in the details of all the cases.

The real-time nature of our solution, created using PubNub, is a competitive differentiator for our fleet customers.

Michael Riemer

VP Products and Channel Marketing at Decisiv

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Fleet and Vehicle Tracking

Know where your fleet or vehicle is, for location tracking.

Service Event Monitoring

Monitor how vehicles are performing, for preventive maintenance.


Provision based on the location of driver and customer.

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