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A Developer's Guide: Building with Chat Components



A common feature of user interface (UI) and development frameworks is to provide high-level building blocks so developers can reuse common functionality without having to write everything from scratch with each new application.

We offer two approaches to building a chat application: SDKs and Components. Understanding the differences between these options can help you choose which is best for your project's specific needs.

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PubNub Chat Components Live Demos

Example of real-time chat using our React Components.

Telehealth chat demo shows how to connect healthcare professionals with patients to deliver safe and effective remote treatment.

Live Events Chat gives users the ability to participate and express their feelings and opinions live while watching sports, concerts, personal live vlogging, and a myriad of other live-streaming sessions.

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Customer Use Cases

Take a look at how our customers use chat.


Essential chat features you need to ensure increased user engagement, improved performance, and long-term scalability.


Introducing our new React Native Chat Components for cost-effective mobile chat development.

How-To Guides

Step-by-step tutorial on how to build a chat application using our cross platform SDKs.

Stay on top of your chat conversations by learning how to display timestamps using PubNub. This tutorial will teach you how to format and display timestamps in your chat application.

This tutorial compares the options of using chat components versus implementing chat functionality using PubNubs SDKs. It will provide information on the benefits of each approach.

This guide will show you how to ensure your chat application is designed and optimized for user interactions.


Use Chat Components from PubNub to create a simple chat feature in your app, with support for multiple SDKs.

Demonstrates how to use PubNub Chat Components to create a Telehealth chat app that can be used on multiple platforms and includes compliance with privacy regulations. Select an SDK in your preferred language to begin building today.

Docs / Tools

Focus on your feature set, not basic infrastructure, with our pre-build chat and UI components.

Documentation of our PubNub Chat Components.

GitHub Links

Source code for the React and React Native Components.

Source code for the iOS Chat Components.

Source code for the Android Chat Components.

Resources by PubNub

Create scalable apps that enable real-time interactions, without worrying about infrastructure.

Quickly set up your account and get started with an SDK of your choice.

More Chat Components Resources

Stephen Blum talks about how our platform powers engaging, scalable, and reliable Virtual Spaces.

Hear more about the release of our new React Native Chat Components.

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